Easter was a beautiful day.  The cherry trees were blooming and stories of Jesus were told.


We used Ressurection Eggs this Easter.  They were a big hit with the girls.


The girls and I enjoyed the beautiful weather while Andrew hid the eggs for the Easter Egg Hunt.

IMG_4593 IMG_4598

The hunt was a success.



Berenstain Bears Save the Day


The girls have loved reading this book.  It is a popular naptime item.   Reading this book helped a lot with their dentist appointment this morning.(Thanks mom, for the childhood book)


The wonderful dental assistant let them sit together for R’s teeth cleaning. This was a no tear appointment. Thanks Berenstain Bears!

Snow Day #2

Snow days are really great, especially when they close the base.  The snow on this snow day was wet enough to make a snowman.  Andrew and I thought this would be the best.  It started out great and slowly dissolved into tears.  It was a very cold and windy day, which was partly to blame for the resulting saddness.

They are loving building the snowman, Olaf

They are loving building the snowman, Olaf


R is more of a spectator, than a builder


The wind started to pick up and things were not as fun as they were when we began


They were going downhill quickly for R


Andrew accidently hit k in the side of the head with a snowball. Two crying girls and a happy dad


The finished Olaf


These girls aren’t messin’ around, they want to get inside


We made snowcream and everyone was happy


Sun Dappled Day

The other day we were headed to the park and we turned the corner and encountered this magical scene.

Sun dappled side street

Sun dappled side street


Going, going

Going, going

almost gone.  K found an interesting leaf and stopped to investigate.

almost gone. K found an interesting leaf and stopped to investigate.